When a pet dies, that special place in our hearts feels so empty.
But we realize, as time passes, that animals have a way of teaching us about loving, about loyalty, joy, and friendship…
And whatever we’ve shared in their presence can never really be lost.

A Flat Coated Retriever who was successful in conformation, obedience, agility and field. But her most important job was working in Agility Angels. Ice was our foundation dog.

A Portuguese Water Dog who volunteered not just at Agility Angels, but also comforting people in hospice.

Other dogs from our first class that passed over the Rainbow Bridge

  • Alax (Golden Retriever)
  • Dharma (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier)
  • Faith (Flat Coated Retriever)
  • Fly (All American)
  • Luke (Golden Retriever)
  • Millie (All American)
  • Pye (Flat Coated Retriever)
  • Switch (Border Collie)
  • Tango (Golden Retriever)
  • Teaser (Flat Coated Retriever)

A very special Greyhound who always greeted everyone with a smile.

More dogs  that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge

  • Bloomie (English Springer Spaniel)
  • Emmie (English Springer Spaniel)
  • Ivy (Flat Coated Retriever)
  • Kramer (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier)
  • Molly (All American)
  • Piper (Portuguese Water Dog)
  • Spirit (Keeshond)
  • Toola (Boxer)